CoolAge (Play on words between “Cool Age” and “Collage”) is a series of collages made from pharmaceutical posters related to female beauty and the concept of time / aging.

The original idea that remains in the collage series is that of feminism and femininity based on a discourse of consumption by and for women. If the history of art has presented and represented women as the ideal object of beauty, advertising, which has always found its muse in the art world, has now made her at the same time the subject of its consumer target.

This paradigm of women as an object but also as a subject of consumption, treats and portrays the discourse about femininity and feminism under the same prism, and exhibits in a sexualized and sexually provocative relationship between women and production the deviations and changes of paradigms around the empowerment of women related to social_political_cultural life.

Finally, the idea of authorship around the brand-product underlies here through the literal deconstruction of signifiers and meanings. Remnants of factions, fractional fictions, parts of a feminine whole that make up new faces, or new spaces and perhaps new models of consumption.

The collection is made up of a series of 60 posters (only 20 finished) of 90 × 60 cm on a background photographed in black and white.
References to Gordon Matta-Clark and Raymond Hains.

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